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The company: Machinery

Through continuous investments in equipment and use of new technologies EGNATIA Foundry ensures high quality products and services. The foundry's equipment consists of:

  • Fully automated molding and pouring area, controlled and programmed via software (SCADA)
  • Latest technology induction melting furnaces
  • State of the art 6 axis cutting and grinding machine
  • Cold box machines
  • Shell molding (croning) machines
  • Degassing aluminum machine
  • Shot-blasting machines, Sand Reclamation System, welding machines, cranes, filters etc.
  • Heat treatment furnaces capable to produce neutral atmosphere controlled via software
  • Quenching tank (for alloy hardening) with automatic regulation of bath temperature and agitation
  • 4 axis CNC horizontal machining center
  • 3 axis CNC vertical machining centre
  • 3 and 2 axis CNC lathes
  • Boring machine
  • Powder painting plant
  • CAD (SOLIDWORKS) software
  • CAM(ESPRIT) software
  • Various conventional machines, lathes, milling and drilling machines, saws etc)
that contribute to flexible and fully controlled production.

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