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The company: Materials-alloys

EGNATIA Foundry undertakes in the production of all kinds of products made of cast iron, cast steel and aluminum alloys, harmonized with the International Standards for materials (DIN, EN, ASTM etc.) as well as with the customer's specifications. Below you can see the indicative categories and alloys that EGNATIA Foundry casts.

Category of metal Commercial name
Grey Iron GG20,GG25,GG35
White Iron GX260Cr27, GX300CrMo15.3, GX300CrMo27.1, Z220C20
Ductile Iron GGG40, GGG70, GGG80
Special iron NiHard I, NiHard II, NiHard IV
Low alloy steels
  GS45, GS52, GS60
  GS25CrMo4, GS42CrMo4
  A216, A352, A447
High Alloy Steels
Stainless steel ΙΝΟΧ 304, 316, 410
Manganese steel GX120Mn12, GX130Mn12, GX120MnCr12.2,
GX130MnCr18.2, GX130MnCr22.2
Heat resistant GX40CrNiSi25.20, GX40CrNiSi22.9, GX25CrNiSi20.14, GX40CrNiSi27.4
Aluminium alloys
  Α356, Α357, AlSi10, AlSi12, AlSi5Mg