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Water Systems

Egnatia Foundry SA has a strong presence in the water system market manufacturing products intended for water supply, irrigation and sewage networks.

In our utterly modernized foundry and the fully equipped machining department, we produce a great variety of hydraulic system components such as irrigation hydrants, air release valves, gate valves, control valves, dismantling joints etc, under strictly controlled conditions. Our first priority in the production process is all the international manufacturing standards to be followed without deviations, offering high quality network products to our customers.

The fully equipped quality control department conducts all the necessary checks in every stage of production process (casting, machining, painting, assembly). All of our products are 100% hydraulically tested in accordance with the internationally approved standards for every component. Following this process, we ensure the proper operation of the network where the products are applied.

Egnatia Foundry SA supplies not only the Greek market but also many foreign countries with products necessary for hydraulic networks. Day by day, our foundry gains a growing share in the international water system market, manufacturing high quality products.

In our factory, the production process complies fully with the standard ISO 9001:2008

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